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Mary's hats are provided by
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Rev. Georgiette is proud part of the American small business community that is fuel for the engine that powers America.  Hat making was once one of the biggest industries in the United States. Factories flourished around the country and could be found in cities from coast to coast. Philadelphia was no different. In fact, Philadelphia was home to dozens of factories, including the manufacturers of the famous Stetson hat. Today, many of those factories no longer exist. Factories have moved to other countries to take advantage of cheaper labor, while others have simply stopped producing hats to produce other products. The lone surviving millinery in Philadelphia throughout this period in history was S&S Hat Company on North 12th Street.


"We take great pride in respecting the history of an industry and the traditions of all companies. For example, using the highest quality materials and employing individuals who are experienced and care greatly about the quality of the work they perform."



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