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Something about Mary.

Introducing the extraordinary musical talent from the heart of South Jersey, Mary Cross. A journey that began in the church, Mary Cross discovered her calling at the age of 12, her voice echoing through gospel melodies that would set the stage for her future in the world of music.


But the trajectory of Mary's musical destiny took an unexpected turn during a childhood kickball game with friends. The chosen song for this impromptu performance was "Love Will Keep Us Together" by Captain and Tennille. To her surprise, her friends didn't just recognize her ability to replicate the sound; they acknowledged a unique voice that resonated authentically, marking a pivotal moment in her musical journey.


Mary Cross, as she is known, found solace and inspiration in music from an early age. Born in Camden, NJ, the rhythms of her upbringing permeated her soul, creating a foundation for the artist she would become. Music became more than a hobby—it was a lifeline that accompanied her through the highs and lows of life.


During challenging moments, music provided solace, joy, hope, and peace—becoming a universal language capable of transforming moods and touching hearts. Recognizing the profound impact of music early on, Mary Cross was inspired to share this joy with others, leading to the birth of her band, 2NspireU. The name itself reflects the mission—to inspire through music, to uplift through melody.


At an early age, Singer/Songwriter, Mary Cross was bonded with the voice of Phyllis Hyman on Soul Train which influenced her love classic soul and fashion began. Complimented by her powerful vocals, poignant lyrics, and a genre-defying blend of R&B, Jazz, and soul, Cross‘ distinctive sound is a testament to her commitment to infuse her music with personal experiences whilst inviting listeners into a world where authenticity reigns supreme.


Mary Cross doesn't confine herself to a particular stage; she graces a variety of them. From the intimate ambiance of piano bars to the sophisticated setting of jazz venues, the grandeur of convention centers, the comfort of hotels, and the warmth of private, public, and community events. She brings her soulful melodies to diverse audiences.


But her impact isn't limited to the stage; Mary Cross is a proud contributor to various city events, leaving an indelible mark on the community she calls home. Her commitment to spreading musical joy extends beyond live performances to all major music media platforms, and on her website, Here, fans can connect with her latest releases, tour dates, and the essence of her artistic journey.


Influenced by a rich tapestry of musical legends, Mary Cross’ style and brand draw inspiration from the elegance of Nancy Wilson, the emotive power of Phyllis Hyman, the soulful storytelling of Nina Simone, and the timeless grace of Oleta Adams. Her musical journey is guided by contemporary luminaries, including Gregory Porter, Sarah Vaughan, Gladys Knight, CeCe Winans, Randy Crawford, and Lizz Wright, shaping Cross' distinctive approach to her craft.


As Mary Cross continues to evolve in her musical odyssey, her name echoes beyond the borders of Camden, NJ. With a style that seamlessly blends the classic and the contemporary, she invites audiences to join her on a heartfelt and uplifting exploration of sound. In a world where music is both a refuge and a celebration, Mary Cross stands as a beacon, sharing the transformative power of melody—one note at a time. Her journey is a testament to the enduring magic of music, a magic she generously shares with the world.




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